Climate Change Rally in Oakland

DSC01905_webWhile tens of thousands were gathered in New York City on Sunday, September 21, 2014, hundreds of other rallies were held around the country to highlight Climate Change. Hundreds of Northern California environmental, social justice and trade union groups gathered at the amphitheater near Lake Merritt. Enthusiastic speakers from many groups talked about how social justice and climate change are interlinked – how people are underpaid and hungry in the US, while multi-national corporations reap unprecedented profits from carbon-based businesses. As a Board member of Alameda Backyard Growers, I was heartened to hear the message that groups should continue their work to promote sustainable agriculture, support increased living wages, promote clean energy and fight for social justice, and that ‘we have each other’s backs’. It was a relief to know there are so many other people who are concerned about climate change and are doing whatever they can in their communities to fight it!

Jillian Saxty