Project Pick

Project Pick
Grow Some, Keep Some, Give Some Away

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Why Project Pick?

According to Cindy Houts, Executive Director of the Alameda Food Bank, hunger is a growing problem here in our relatively prosperous community. Approximately 5000 individuals, or about 2100 households, use the services of the Alameda Food Bank.

In response to that need, Project Pick presented the Food Bank with:

2011 – 996 pounds of fruit
2012 – 2,327 pounds
2013 – 5,202 lbs (approximately 1 pound of fresh fruit for each person using the Alameda Food Bank resources)
2014 – 3,296
2015 – 2,661
2016 – 3,323
2017 – 2,830
2018 – 3,540 and growing
Over  23,900 pounds  (over 11 tons) of fruit donated in total!

Food Insecurity

Our local statistics are in line with national trends. According to USDA findings, an estimated 12.7 percent of American households were food insecure at least some time during the year in 2015, meaning they lacked access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members.

Wasted Food

At the same time 30-40% of the food produced in the United States is wasted — either thrown out by supermarkets or consumers or left to rot in fields because the cost to harvest it would exceed what the farmer could make selling it. Fruit from trees often goes to waste either because there is too much of it in a short space of time to be used or because the tree’s owner doesn’t have the ability or the time to harvest it.

With Project Pick We Can Make a Difference!

An established fruit tree can often produce 100+ pounds of fruit, far more than one family can consume. If you have a fruit tree that produces more fruit than you can use, why not donate the excess to the Alameda Food Bank’s Perishable Food Program and help make a difference in the lives of your neighbors? A little or a lot — it’s all valuable and helps reduce the amount of perfectly good food going to waste in America.

Three Ways to Help

There are three ways you can contribute to Project Pick:

You Pick & Deliver

You can harvest your excess fruit and bring it to the Alameda Food Bank during their hours of operation. If you would like associate your donation with Project Pick, let the food bank volunteers know that your fruit is from the Alameda Backyard Growers, ask them to tell you how much it weighs, and then email us what kind of fruit and how many pounds you donated and we will add it to our database. Alameda Food Bank location:

You Pick & We Deliver

You can harvest your tree yourself and then email us or phone us at 510-239-PICK (7425) and we will pick up your fruit and deliver it to the Alameda Food Bank for you. Keep in mind that we are volunteers and will probably pick up the fruit in the evening or the weekend so please harvest accordingly. Remember to keep the harvested fruit in a shady location that is also accessible to the ABG volunteer. Finally, please place the fruit in containers that you do not want returned to you.

We Pick & Deliver

We can harvest your tree for you and deliver the excess fruit to the Alameda Food Bank on your behalf. Please list information about your tree by filling out a brief form. You can also phone us at 510-239-PICK and speak with a volunteer. Volunteers are happy to pick some of the fruit for you as well if you are unable to harvest it for yourself, however we do ask that at least 50% of what we harvest be donated to the Alameda Food Bank.

We have a Van!

A hearty thank you to everyone who donated to ‘Project Pick Needs a Van’! We met our goal and now have a van to help us store our equipment and transport fresh produce to the Alameda Food Bank! Give us a wave next time you see us driving around Alameda!