One of ABG’s goals is to reach out to the community to provide information about, and increase involvement in, urban food growing.

Although ABG is not responsible for the content of external websites, nor will be held responsible for the content of instructional materials donated by gardeners or other members of our community, we would like to share these with you in hope that they can help you be successful in growing food in your own backyard.

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Local Resources

Gardening and Pruning Services

Suzanne Carter – Tel. 510-919-3911 –

Randall Lee – Tel. 510-864-0841 –

Michael Thurman, Jr. (specialty pruning, ecological design, fully insured ISA certified arborist) – Tel. 510-934-9687  – 

Related Organizations

Find a Gleaning Organization in Your Area

Click here for a list of harvesting/gleaning organizations in California.

Adding to this list:

Tri-City Food Bank and Thrift Store – accepts fresh produce from backyards near Fremont, CA

Helpful Information on Growing Food

View a training video on picking fruit safely for the tree and you.

Following is a list of topics with instructional materials on gardening