ABG on Bay Area Focus TV

ABG on Bay Area FocusJanice Edwards (co-founder) and Jillian Saxty (board member) appeared on Bay Area Focus on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 8AM (Channel 44). Host Michelle Griego interviewed them about how Alameda Backyard Growers began as a group and what impact it’s having today in Alameda. Janice and Jill agreed that it was a good thing to do. Neither had ever been in a TV studio before so that was interesting and they enjoyed meeting the three other guest ‘groups’  and learning about their non-profit work. The Bay Area Focus people were great. Michelle was warm and friendly and easy to talk to. Of course it was impossible to say everything you needed to say in a 5 minute interview but overall it went really well.

Here’s a link to the Bay Area Focus Facebook page and the ABG interview.