ABG’s Impact in 2015

ABG Highlights from 2015

Alameda Backyard Growers proves that a small group of people with big hearts and a lot of community support can accomplish great things! Take a look at our highlights of our group’s progress and impact in 2015:

1. Increased attendance at monthly meetings

ABG continued offering educational meetings on timely gardening issues, led by local experts and gardeners, as we have every month since our launch in March 2010. In 2015 meeting topics included:

  • Growing unusual edibles
  • Growing tomatoes in Alameda
  • Fruit tree grafting
  • Container gardening
  • Efficient Water Use
  • Aquaponics
  • Vertical Gardening
  • Winter Gardening
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Fruit Tree Management
  • Alameda’s Agricultural Past

View our 2015 monthly meeting schedule here.

2. Co-Hosted a Hands-on seed-starting workshop with Jeff Bridge (Ploughshares Nursery)

3. Held an Event Celebrating ABG’s 5 Year Anniversary

  • Attendees had the opportunity to vote on fruit trees for Community Orchard
  • Speakers included Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan on food security initiatives, Sam Foushee, focusing on community gardens, Bill Maynard (President of the American Community Garden Association) on broader aspects of Community Gardens, and Amy Wooldridge (Alameda Recreation and Parks Director) on the state of the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park

4. Had a booth at the City of Alameda’s Earth Day Celebration

5. Held a Special Seminar on Pruning for Fruit Production and Aesthetics with Jeff Bridge (Ploughshares Nursery)

6. Continued our successful Project Pick gleaning program

Project PICK Grow Some, Keep Some, Give Some Away has been ABG’s goal since our start. In 2015, ABG volunteers picked, and donated to the Alameda Food Bank, 2,661 pounds of fruit and vegetables from yards in Alameda – food that otherwise might have gone to waste.

Highlights from previous years: